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LTE College - Long Term Evolution Training Courses
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We are the premier provider of Long Term Evolution training courses. LTE (Long Term Evolution) delivers true mobile broadband for the masses with a superior user experience. LTE provides improved performance, lower total cost of ownership and enables a new era of personalized services. TONEX “LTE” (3GPP Long Term Evolution) covers the technical details of the next-generation network beyond 3G.

The course topics we specialize in include:

  • Long Term Evolution (LTE 3GPP) Training Courses
  • Wireless Training Courses
Our training is tailored and designed for engineers, managers, operations, financial, sales, and marketing professionals in the telecom industry. Our specialty courses and boot camps provide a highly focused learning experience and our overview classes help you keep up to date on developments throughout the industry. Specialists recognized in the industry for their expertise create all of our courses. Our course materials and focus topics are updated continuously to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the workplace. Our available courses keep expanding as new technologies appear. Courses are available at your site worldwide and periodically in convenient worldwide locations throughout the year.

Our unique perspective on training follows the folowing recipe:

  • Start with a high-level overview
  • Make the learning active and goal-based
  • Tie new concepts and material to familiar concepts and material, using examples and analogies
  • Make the learning story-based, memorable, and fun

Consulting Services

With in-depth expertise in business, operations and technology, our experienced consultants can respond immediately and creatively to your needs.

The consulting group also specializes in assisting clients in developing their training programs to effectively and efficiently upgrade their staff in the shortest possible time. We work with your team to create a curriculum, based on your needs and available resources to prepare your staff for the requiremets of your business. Through pre and post testing for each course tied to their job requirements there is a direct link to insure they are prepared to do their job.

The curriculum may include our courses, customized courses or courses from other vendors that meet the needs of the business.

We can also work with you to develop custom courses that may be used to train your customers on your products and other offerings.


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